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Wacom Volito Tekentabletten

 Type Wacom Tablet  Art#  Prijs
Wacom Volito A6 Tekentablet (USB) A-1355  Niet leverbaar

Wacom PenPartner Tekentabletten

Wacom PenPartner is the efficient and comfortable solution for managers, office staff and home office users who are looking for an alternative to their touchpads and mice to create more vivid and individual presentations and documents.Personalise your emails by signing it with PenPartner, as you would do on a standard letter. Make your PowerPoint presentations more vividly by inserting notes, equations and small drawings on the fly or add annotations or feedback into your running presentation. And it is more precise and faster than many built-in pointing devices such as the track pad found in many notebooks.As every other Wacom pen tablet, PenPartner uses the patented cable- and battery-less Penabled pen technology that makes general input much more comfortable and precise. The pen's low weight prevents some mouse related problems such as the carpal tunnel syndrome, also known as RSI.With its small footprint, PenPartner is the perfect input device to combine with your portable computer. Its low power consumption via USB doesn't drain the battery as much as many other input devices do.Wacom, one of the world's leading developers of pen tablets, designed PenPartner. It was designed for one single purpose: perfect human and machine interaction.

 Type Wacom Tablet  Art#  Prijs
Wacom PenPartner USB A-5604  Niet leverbaar

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