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VGA Aansluiting (G4)

Table 3-10 Signals on the video connector
Pin Signal name Description (G4) Description (first G4)
1 RED Red video signal Red video signal
2 GREEN Green video signal Green video signal
3 BLUE Blue video signal Blue video signal
4 n.c. No connect Monitor ID signal 0
5 GND Ground DDC return
6 RED_RTN Red video signal return Analog video ground
7 GREEN_RTN Green video signal return Analog video ground
8 BLUE_RTN Blue video signal return Analog video ground
9 n.c. No connect 5 V power for I/O device
10 GND Ground HSYNC and VSYNC ground
11 n.c. No connect VGA ID signal
12 SDA I2C data Monitor ID signal 2
13 HSYNC Horizontal synchronization signal Horizontal synchronization signal
14 VSYNC Vertical synchronization signal Vertical synchronization signal
15 SCL I2C clock Monitor ID signal 1


ADC: Apple Display Connector

The graphics card has an Apple proprietary connector called the ADC (Apple display connector). It carries both digital and analog video signals as well as USB and control signals and power for an external monitor.

Table 3-8 Digital signals on the Apple display connector
Pin Signal name Pin Signal name
1 25-V Supply 16 TMDS Data1/3 Shield
2 25-V Supply 17 TMDS Data3Ð
3 LED 18 TMDS Data3+
4 TMDS Data0Ð 19 DDC CLock
5 TMDS Data0+ 20 Clock Return
6 TMDS Data0/5 Shield 21 USB Data+
7 TMDS Data5Ð 22 USB DataÐ
8 TMDS Data5+ 23 USB Return
9 DDC Data 24 TMDS Data2Ð
10 Vsync 25 TMDS Data2+
11 25-V Return 26 TMDS Data2/4 Shield
12 25-V Return 27 TMDS Data4Ð
13 Soft Power 28 TMDS Data4+
14 TMDS Data1Ð 29 Clock+
15 TMDS Data1+ 30 ClockÐ

DVI Digital Monitor Connector

The connector for the digital video monitor is a standard digital-only DVI connector.
The graphics data sent to the digital monitor use transition minimized differential signaling (TMDS). TMDS uses an encoding algorithm to
convert bytes of graphics data into characters that are transition-minimized to reduce EMI with copper cables and DC-balanced for
transmission over fiber optic cables. The TMDS algorithm also provides robust clock recovery for greater skew tolerance with longer
cables or low cost short cables.

For information about TMDS, see the specification, Digital Visual Interface DVI Revision 1.0, available on the web site of the Digital
Display Working Group (DDWG) at


Table 3-4 Signals on the digital monitor connector


Signal name


Signal name

1 TMDS Data2- 13 TMDS Data3+
2 TMDS Data2+ 14 +5V Power
3 TMDS Data2/4 Shield 15 Ground for +5V Power
4 TMDS Data4 16 Hot Plug Detect
5 TMDS Data4+ 17 TMDS Data0-
6 DDC Clock 18 TMDS Data0+
7 DDC Data 19 TMDS Data0/5 Shield
8 n. c. 20 TMDS Data5-
9 TMDS Data1- 21 TMDS Data5+
10 TMDS Data1+ 22 TMDS Clock Shield
11 TMDS Data1/3 Shield 23 TMDS Clock+
12 TMDS Data3- 24 TMDS Clock-