Chipmunk International made this page to show what an Apple iPod looks like on the inside.
The technology inside the iPod is provided by PortalPlayer.com .

(We als have a similar page on the Pro Mouse and the iPod shuffle)

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1: How to open up your iPod

Apple did not make it to be opened. The metal back is clipped on quite firmly. To take the back off slide the plastic front (with the insides) around untill the metal back pops off one one of the two loger sides.
To open the iPod see instuctions here: http://www.ipodbattery.com/ipodinstall.htm

2: The cover came off...

This shows the iPod which now is a compact package consisting of the PCB, the harddrive and the battery which is visible on the top.

3: The battery...

The battery can be folded away to reveal the harddrive. The battery has a little plug attached so it could theoretically be replaced.

3: The harddrive...

With the battery folded away the harddrive can be seen. The dark grey strips are rubbery strips which are sticky and hold the battery in place. Next the harddrive can be folded away as well revealing a quite normal Toshiba PCMCIA harddisk.

3: The PCB...

With the harddrive out of the way the PCB is visible. The chip under the barcode label is the flash ROM I think. The plug where the battery is attached is clearly visible in the top right hand corner.




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